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Hall and Oates Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 83



5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


Oracle Venue, Oakland, Ca They were terrible, Daryl Hall was the worst. The songs were not many and way overplayed. The sound was absolutely terrible. We were in the front rows and the lack of joy and energy was sleep inducing. Daryl let the musicians jam on endlessly, ( but not John Oates, whom he did not acknowledge or look at even one time!!,) Bottom line, they totally lost the very hyped up and enthusiastic audience Train left them with. We left before the finale and so did half the audience. People were bored and talking during the show because it was dull. The sound was the worst. Muddled and too much bass. They barely played any of their hits, and the ones they did were unrecognizable. Actually every thing sounded the same. Total disappointment. Train was amazing! They saved the night. I felt like I got my money's worth because of Train, and I was not there for them. Thank you Pat and your band for putting on an amazing show. It was high energy, great music and FUN.

5.0 star rating Elizabeth from Orlando, Florida


Loved Kandace Springs, Train, and Hall &Oates. They are were wonderful. Loved all the songs. They all rocked the house!!!

5.0 star rating Cathy Ann from Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Yes I will agree that Daryl can't hit the notes like he use to but Daryl & John are living legends and I didn't expect them to sing like they did 40 years ago. They still have more soul than most! I really liked the films they were showing during the intermission of the shows Daryl films at his house. That was awesome seeing all the different musicians and how they work together! Train was awesome, great musicians and Pat is so personable & entertaining!

5.0 star rating Mario Z from Fort Myers Beach, FL


Overall just a great show at 71 Hall can still jam!! The saxophonist was spot on and Oates voice was soulful and in tune...The show felt like a soul jam session Train was awesome!! I loved the show!!!!

5.0 star rating Jim Williamson from Cleveland, Ohio


What a great performance, just what I hoped for. Last year Hall and Oats came to Cleveland and played a great studio performance of all their hits. This year we get them rocking out. Train was there usual intertaining high enegery. The two were a perfect mix. Pat Monahan voice was inconstant at times but his enegery made up for it. Daryl might be having trouble with the high notes but at 71 was very good at sticking to a lower range. More like a live from Daryl's house but great. The friction between Hall and Oats was made up with the respect between Dayrl and Pat For those who left early, please don't buy a ticket next time and maybe they will play a smaller hall and it will be even better. 👍👍👍👍

5.0 star rating Eric from Providence , ri


Saw hall and Oates in Mansfield last night and they were great - awesome setlist and halls voice was outstanding - still one of the best live bands you will ever see.

5.0 star rating Clare Jones from Glenville


Wow what a great show. Loved it especially at the end . I couldn't stop dancing

5.0 star rating Cathy from New Jersey


First time out of my “cage” since Covid hit. BEST NIGHT EVER! A fan for 30+ years and the boys did not disappoint. Being 75 never looked so good! In awe of the passion, talent and love these two exude from the stage. BRAVO guys! 👏

5.0 star rating Michele Borbidge from Philadelphia, PA


We saw Squeeze and Daryl Hall and John Oates at the Mann Music Center in August and loved the show. Fans of all ages were dancing to the music and Daryl and John sounded great. Their band Is awesome and everyone enjoyed the show.

4.0 star rating Stuart Davis from Nebraska


At Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. on August 7, I was a little worried during the first two songs, as it seemed Darrel Hall's voice was tired, but then he hit his stride. When he moved to the piano for "Sarah Smile," he brought down the house. Strong finish with a wonderful encore wrapped up a great evening. Collaboration with Train's lead singer was a highlight. Train was great, but the microphone for the vocals could have been turned up more, as the sound mix was off all evening. Kandace Springs has pipes, as well.

4.0 star rating Terri from Portland, Oregon


I would get tickets to see Train again in heartbeat. Went in loving Train, came away an even bigger fan!!!!! Hall and Oats felt like a Daryl Hall Show, not impressed. And the band was so loud the when it was a John Oats song you couldn't hear him.

4.0 star rating JenLeighWheel from Dallas, Texas


I grew up listening to Hall & Oates and have great respect for bands who stand the test of time with their songs still playing on the airwaves. However, John Oates was more or less a backup singer to a very (tired? drunk? stoned? old?) Daryl Hall. What's more, is Hall took way too many tangents from the original lyrics/style, even talking instead of singing. Too many times I felt I couldn't sing along, which was a bit disappointing. Again, still have much respect for the duo, but I think it's time to hang up their touring hat. Train, on the other hand, was surprisingly AMAZING. Their lead singer, Pat Monahan, was energetic, perfectly on key, and engaging with the audience - pretty funny guy, actually. And to give Hall some credit, he sang Train's Calling All Angels with Pat Monahan and it was fantastic. I don't feel too bad about the whole show not being great...I only spent about $50 per ticket total. So, I got my money's worth for sure. If you're gonna go, go for Train.

4.0 star rating Brent Roper from Kansas City, Missouri


Train was great. Great songs, great stage presence, interesting and fun!I saw hall and Oates in 2010. They were absolutely amazi Hall’s voice was 100%. His voice in Kansas City was 50% at best. He is 71 years old! Give them credit, they had eight musicians on stage, that is expensive.They threw money at the problem instead of being honest. Hall either has dementia or was drunk. If it is the first, just admit it, people won’t mind- Look at Glen Campbell. A better strategy would be to tell the audience that he will sing live to a pre- recorded version so they get their moneys worth. Also, their performance needed some women’s voices, eight man on stage is OK but Trains back up singers would have been helpful. Also, train was very kind to go on tour w with them we all get old and need help. Overall it was a great show, I just felt sorry for Hall and Oats getting older.

4.0 star rating Hiram from Kansas City, Missouri


Although my wife and I missed the opening performance of Kandace Springs, we arrived in time to catch 'Train.' From there opening number, "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" to their closing selection, "Drops of Jupiter," they rocked. Patrick Monahan, Train's lead singer, was beautifully engaging and his voice and the band's songs made Sprint Center feel more intimate than it had any right to be. While Hall & Oats are not the singers they used to be (70 years of age will do that to you), they were terrific. What they may have lost in strength of voice, they made up for (in spades) going down memory lane with their catalog of hits. While 'Sara Smile' is still my favorite song from the duo, their rendition of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' had the entire Sprint Center crowd (which was near capacity) on their feet and singing along. By the end of the night, 'Train' gained a new fan in me and Hall & Oates reminded me how sweet it is to listen to 'blue-eyed soul' once again.

4.0 star rating Steve from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I was disappointed in the performance. They have so many great songs, but they would sing for two minutes and play instruments for four minutes. During some points during the concert it became quite boring. Overall, the night was well worth the cost of tickets by the performance of Train. Music and singing was fantastic.

4.0 star rating Jacob G from New York, New York


What can I say that has not been said allready. Hall and Oates sound distorted. Clearly they were trying to mask their vocal deficiencies. To their credit the encore featured stronger vocals showing what they could sound like. However, the earlier set felt like it was phoned in. Daryl kept sipping water and tussling his hair. Fortunately Train saved the day. Train was both engaging and spot on for each song.

4.0 star rating Donna Y. Scantlebury from Toronto, Ontario


The Hall & Oates concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto was awesome (June 5, 2018)! The musical journey started with Train. Patrick Monahan and the back up singers emitted such a cool, relaxed vibe! Train definitely picked up a new passenger in me because their musical set was hot! What a tight performance and authentic sound! Train had the audience engaged with their interaction throughout their set. When we reached the destination of Hall & Oates, we were not disappointed! Now, I truly appreciate the reason why they were known as, "Blue Eyed Soul"! Darryl's conversation with the audience between songs was jovial in a sweet and shy way. Darryl played the piano beautifully; John's voice was rich; and the saxophonist & the rest of the band were right on! The escapade back to the mid-80s for me with Hall & Oates was amazing! My rating for Hall & Oates' performance? 4 out of 5! If they had performed my favourite song, "One on One", then it would have been a "High 5!! :)

4.0 star rating "T" from Indianapolis, Indiana


The last time Hall and Oats were in town the concert was disappointing. However, this time it was worth the money to see them. They are getting up there in years, but they still put on a great show. Their backing band was great, sound was great. The performance as a whole was really good.. They did an amazing job. It was a pleasure to hear them play the songs that I remember as a kid and grew up with. Ill go back and see em again when they return.

4.0 star rating Jim pogo from Saint Paul, Minnesota


They need a new sound engineer. Great song selection. Both seemed in good voice. Darryl made hand gestures to his sound guy all night. Very distracting.

4.0 star rating Valarie Bedard from Boston, Massachusetts


Mohegan Sun Arena Oct 9 show - 20 rows in on the floor - sound was disappointing- over modulated, echoey- unbalanced - Hall’s futile gestures to the wing were a distraction- why the 4 stars? GREAT playlist, lots of enthusiasm, loved Hall on keyboards, 4 song encore, awesome sax, Shea on guitar killed it. Hall sounded good but strained at some notes. The audience loved the show and the energy was there, all around. Loved the show, hated the sound quality.

3.0 star rating PT from Los Angeles, California


We did not go to see Train, but like many others said they were were pretty great! A lot of energy, audience participation and tight sound(plus a Led Zep song to boot) Hall & Oats were a disappointment in sound and their extended versions of 3 minute songs that sounded more like a garage band. I grew up with H&O and still love listening to their library of hits. My overall biggest gripe was their noticeable dislike for one another. Yeah i know they have been together a long time but when the songs you hear remind you a pleasant pasts and the guys singing can't each look at each other, not to mention $100.00(+) ticket prices, I wont see them again

3.0 star rating Andrew Swensen from Seattle, Washington


Im not sure if they changed it up but the Seattle show was not bad. Last show on the tour. First ten songs were all super hits except for one. True, Halls range is very limited. The sound was super loud and his voice at times just wasn't good. He's 70. Did you expect him to be jumping around like David Lee Roth? If you stayed, the encore was Kiss on my List/Private Eyes/Rich girl and Dreams come true. All able to sing along. Train was phenomenal. 5 stars to Train. What a show. K S was good, reminded me of Alisha Keys. But that piano solo tho. 4 stars for Kandace. 3 stars to H & O but thats what 70 year olds sound like guys. Fun show.

3.0 star rating Carmello Rodriguez from Portland, Oregon


Like other reviewers have stated the Audio Mix was horrible for the first 4 songs then got dialed in a bit better but the BASS was over driven and and sounded muddy. I couldn't hear the vocals from Oates at all and many of the sax parts were buried under the Over Driven BASS lines. It's hard to believe such a professional tour would have such a bad audio mix engineer. Train on the other hand sounded clear and good and had the audience feeling good.

3.0 star rating Mike the ex roadie from Marin County, California


Kandace Springs has a beautiful voice, she and her music are very alluring. Her mix was a little loud, the highs were too exaggerated. But she was a very pleasant surprise. Train was excellent, the mix was nicely balanced. Pat Monahan is comfortable and fun onstage and the band backs him well. I remembered Train's music from a while back; I have a greater respect for the band now. Hall and Oates? My wife couldn't even recognize Maneater in an early part of the show. It felt like everything was totally out of sync, the band and the mixing. Charles DeCant came out for one of his excellent solos, it took a while for the light guy to locate and spotlight him. The slower songs (Sara Smile, She's Gone) had better mixes and we could actually hear the vocals more clearly. Very sad seeing as this tour is in it's third month! Maybe it was an off night or maybe H&O are showing their age. I agree with another reviewer that they should play much smaller venues. It would serve them much better.

3.0 star rating Andy from Dallas, Texas


Kandace with a K as she said all night was full of herself some talent but not near as much as she thinks Hall and Oats sounds was off all night they sound guy needs a new job sounded like it was pre recorded as a bit slow The band could never catch up big disappointment . The night would have been a total waste of time if not for Train

3.0 star rating Jacks from Kansas City, Missouri


Wow, you would have thought this was just a mix problem but from reading the other reviews THERE IS NO MIXING CREW for Hall & Oates because the sound was just TERRIBLE!!! The mix was completely off and terrible. However the opening band TRAIN had excellent sound! And Excellent vocals! They did a Led Zeppelin song that my husband raved was better done than Zeppelin themselves! What a puzzle! IMO I think Hall and Oates is using a pre-recorded soundtrack that they are "singing" along to and it just makes the sound OFF. Because you would think it could have been fixed by now in the tour but if you are using a backtrack to fill in sound and it's off, how can you fix that? If you can't sing and no one is REALLY playing instruments (except the sax man & guitarists who were great). Truly a puzzle. Not good! But both men are in their 70's so still enjoyed seeing them. Recommend staying home, saving the $ and listen to them on Youtube.

3.0 star rating Susan Pepps from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I think the saddest thing about the Hall and Oates concert was a complete lack of comradery between them. Hall nearly took up the entire show with Oates playing in the background like he was just part of the band, rather than one of the leading men. Some songs dragged on forever and their pace was too slow. The concert picked up some at the end-and that was the best part. Train was fabulous and so much fun! I wish more people got up and danced! Liked the arena. It was a little too warm, but manageable.

3.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I was living Kandace Springs, what a voice. As far as I concerned... TRAIN stole the show. Hall and Oates well ....... saying the lyrics instead of singing was not what I was hoping for! TRAIN ! Thank you for saving the SHOW!

3.0 star rating Joe from New Orleans, Louisiana


Very disappointed with the vocals of both Monahan & Hall. Monahan seemed off beat with the band and his highs were almost non-existent. To make matters worse he attempted to sing Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. If you can't reach the highs of your own songs don't be stupid enough to try and hit highs of one of the greatest male Rock singers ever (bad attempt. After this attempt he was finished for the rest of Train's set. Darrell Hall was not much better. He was off beat w/ mediocre highs. Interestingly Monahan came out and sang a few songs with Hall and his vocals were great (go figure). I rated the performance 3 stars because "it’s Hall & Oats" arguably the most successful ROCK Duo ever. I go to a lot of concerts and I have grown accustom to bands of my generation playing very précis Eagles, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Deaf Leopard, Rush, Creed, Nickelback, U2, Journey, etc. I expected Hall & Oats to be great and they weren’t. That said I did have fun but once is enough

3.0 star rating S. Walker from Toronto, Ontario


We came to see H@O and hear all of their hits. Train opened, and I only knew one of their songs or so I thought. Wow! What a performance. After Train finished their set II thought I’m glad I’m not Hall and Oates waiting to go on stage because how do you top that ? I give 5 stars to Train and 2 stars to H&O. It quickly became apparent that Hall and Oates are out of touch and not even worthy of being openers for Train. Like a punch drunk boxer who doesn’t know when to say, “It’s over!” For Hall and Oates, it’s time. Thanks for the memories.

3.0 star rating Gordon Flett from Mississauga, Ontario


My rating reflects the 4-5 stars I would give Pat Monahan and Train and the 1-2 stars I would give Hall and Oates. Others have commented on the sound problems for Hall and Oates. I have been to at least 50 ACC shows and it was the worst mix I have heard. Not the fault of the ACC because Train was crystal clear and largely spectacular. I can only assume that the sound mix for Hall and Oates was to try to mask vocal deficiencies due to not so graceful aging. If unintentional, then Hall & Oates should get new people. Given that some people in the bottom section paid top dollar (me being one of them) while other people bought much cheaper seats and were moved down to the bottom level, I think some Ticketmaster vouchers should be offered to those who paid top dollar, given the second half. We left with 4 songs to go even though we knew we were walking out on 4 very big Hall and Oates hits. It pains me to write this because I have loved Hall and Oates ever since I heard Sara Smile.

3.0 star rating JC from Toronto, Ontario


Went to see Train and Hall n Oates at ACC last night. Seats were fantastic. The talented Kandace Springs opened, next came Train. This was my second time seeing Train perform. Although I LOVE TRAIN, the sound just wasn't right. Maybe it is the acoustics in ACC, maybe their sound engineer, at least Patrick Monahan's voice carried them through. He was engaging, the Zeppelin song was fantastic (WOW), and the Tom Petty tribute was perfect. Then Hall n Oats came on stage, and, I was at best underwhelmed. They sang many of their classics and the crowd wanted to rock along, but something was off. Can't put my finger on it. Still glad I went.

3.0 star rating ToniF303 from Denver, Colorado


Opening act - Kandace Springs - the girl can sing and play a piano! Nice three piece band! Great job, Kandace! Train - WOW! Got the crowd on their feet! Lights, Stage, Sound - all first class. Patrick Monahan did a wonderful job interacting with the crowd! Hall and Oats - not sure if they should continue to tour after this. Could being on the road is a bit hard for them to handle. My problem was John Oats looked so bored and Dayal Hall was trying to save the night. Another issue I had was the selection of hits they played. And in one case, I had never heard that song before. I hate to say it, but I came to hear the classics.... all the hits, and maybe one new song. So - Train saved the day for me.

3.0 star rating Janet Grote from MIddletown, New Jersey


August 13th The concert occurred during hot as hell weather. We thought that may have affected the sound--maybe not according to reviewers who enjoyed the concert on other dates. We loved seeing the John and Darryl together, but the sound, tune lineup, and lack of touchy feely between the two made it disappointing to us.

3.0 star rating Karen Knox from Saratoga Springs


I gave this show (in Saratoga Springs NY) 3 stars for the solid band and graphics. The vocals were sub par. Daryl has lost his range, he is mid 70s now and perhaps should have allowed John sing more lead as his voice seemed stronger. Daryl was pitchy at times and kept waving his hands indicating to his sound mixers his displeasure. Volume was too high. I had seen them a long time ago and it’s clear they aren’t nearly as strong vocally. Very little interaction between the two of them, felt bad for John Oates as he seemed more like a backup vocal than partner. Squeeze was awesome and perhaps should have headlined. Strong vocals and tight band. Sadly, I will most likely not waste my money seeing them again.

2.0 star rating Lillywah from Seattle, Washington


My husband has been a huge HAll and Oates fan for years and we have been to several concerts in the past. We took our adult kids for a family bucket list concert and were truly disappointed. I was bored after just a few songs. Agree with the other reviewers HAll seemed a little off, the band was so loud you could barely hear any lyrics and quite frankly I could even recognize some of the hit. Favorites. John Oates seems an afterthought unfortunately because when you can hear them they can harmonize so beautifully.

2.0 star rating Jasper from Los Angeles, California


I waited a week to write this review to see if I would feel differently about the horrible mix and performance of Hall and Oates at the Forum. Distorted loud bass, Oates guitar buried in the mix, Hall high as hell and singing off key, no sax in the mix until the 5th song. Hall yelling for 'the box!' to his crew after the first few songs. Used to love' Daryl's House.' Not anymore. Hall's attitude kills any good vibe and it looks painful to Oates. Train was great, good sound, although too low for the size of the venue. Seeing the H&O drums, keys and mike stands covered in black drapes behind the Train stage set up was pretty unprofessional.

2.0 star rating Debbie K from San Diego, California


I was so excited to see this show. It was actually a total let down. Train was great, but Hall and Oats messed with most original songs and didn't play enough of them. We went to this concert to hear the music we remember back in the day, not this horrible mash up/mix. Oh well guess I will stick with there cd's in the comfort of our cars and home.

2.0 star rating JS from Orange County, California


Hall and Oates at the Forum were terrible. We understand these guys are 70 years old and did not expect them to sound like they did in their youth but the sound mix was poor and very disjointed. There was no joy in their performance and it appeared they were just going through the motions. Train performing on the same stage sounded great. The vocals were clear and present. Pat Monahagn clearly enjoys what he’s doing. They were worth the price for 6th row seats. We left H & O’s performance early as it was too painful and heard others express their disappointment as well.

2.0 star rating Don Kent from Norman, Oklahoma


We spent $750.00 for 5 people to see Hall and Oates whom we all loved from back in the day. The opening Act Train was spectacular! Their Music was spot on, voice versus band volume was great, all appeared alert to the crowd. Train truly gave the crowd its monies worth and we the crowd showed our approval. Hall and Oats was another story. From viewing the age range of those in attendance it was a older group that came for the memories and the love of the songs... Hall and Oates from the first song appeared off key, at times speaking the words versus singing. Daryl would mumble, hum and babbled like a drunk or stooner ( which is fine if it doesn't hurt the show)The band volume trumped the lyrics and the bass was horrible for this era of music. Hall seemed to forget we the crowd was paying his band and himself to entertain us with accuracy and true to memory songs. Most of the songs included long instrumentals but lacked in understandable lyrics.Their songs are all about singing along to and great memories past. The way they were presented almost made sing along impossible... I almost felt sorry for them but quickly remembered the large amount of time and monies $$$ we put out for their time. I feel that in the future if I want to listen to Hall and Oates its YouTube or another streaming service. It's sad when entertainers forget who pays their salaries.. this concert needs a class action lawsuit brought for extremly poor performance and lack of give give a darn by Hall.. Guess he was to stoned to give a crap.. I want my money back... Hall and soars sucked!

2.0 star rating Katie from Kansas City, Missouri


Train was amazing- I didn't realize I liked Train so much, but I knew every song word for word that they sang. I am a new Train Fan. Hall & Oates- that's a different story. They need to play for their audience, which is radio hit after radio hit- they did not do that. We were hoping this show would be a sing a long and it was far from that. They played slow versions of their songs and a lot of instrumental. Their songs did not sound as they should and were off. Very disappointed in H&O.

2.0 star rating Courtney from Omaha, Nebraska


Train stole the show! I wish they could have played all night! H&O were horrible. Pretty sure Hall was stoned. We were disappointed. Time to retire guys.

2.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Train was the best thing about this show. H & O were a distorted mess. I knew that Daryl's voice wouldn't be what it once was, but wow! I am old school, I want to hear the songs from the height of their popularity and have them sound at least somewhat familiar... Very disappointed. So glad I didn't pay a ton of money for the tickets.

2.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Let me first start by thanking Kandace and Train for saving this show. Kandace was amazing had a phenomenal voice and she was very welcoming. Will definitely be checking out and buying her music. Train, I had never seen in concert and loved every bit of their performance. Very entertaining and really drew you in. Then it was time for Hall and Oates. Needless to say I was very disappointed. I had been so looking forward to this concert. None of their songs were performed the same as it was back in the day which is what people come to see. The long guitar and saxophone solos and very little singing and the lack of connection with the audience was a let down. Hall was overpowering and it made me feel bad for Oates as he just took back seat for the night, which I guess may have not been a bad thing for him. We did not stay for the whole performance and left with many other people leaving. I wound not recommend this show. Thanks again Kandace and Train you we both amazing!!!!!

2.0 star rating from Omaha, Nebraska


Kandace and Train were the best ever! Voices and sound quality were fantastic! However, H&O need to think about what they are doing. Their band overpowered their voices, which probably was a good thing. Just because you made it big years ago, doesn't mean you can make a come back. Sorry Darryl and John time to retire.

2.0 star rating Maggie from Toronto, Ontario


My review is consistent with what others have stated. Bad vocals, obscure songs instead of more well known hits, etc. They definitely mailed it in. This was my third H & O concert and I likely won't bother again. However, Train was awesome.

2.0 star rating from Detroit, Michigan


Train was amazing as always! Wonderful tribute to Tom Petty with Free Falling. Then came the train wreck..... Hall and Oates sounded horrible - left during their third song. There was no life or enthusiasm whatsoever. I was so looking forward to seeing them because I love so many of their songs What a disappointment. On the plus side, I was home and in bed by 10:30 so I won't be dragging at work today. Thank you Patrick Monahan for giving us our money's worth. Love you and Train. You were the reason we were there in the first place.

2.0 star rating D&L from Detroit, Michigan


Been a o many Hall a $ Oates concerts but never experienced such a an awful sound mix. Sat in section 123 portal 16 by the Rehman Club. Bass was so heavy it vibrated everything and some songs were nearly unrecognizable. Same for opening act Kandace. Train was fine. Had to leave early it was almost painful. Always loved their concerts. We’re they unaware? Who did the mixing? So sorry Daryl and John if you didn’t know! Others leaving said similar thing. WHAT HAPPENED?!!!!!

2.0 star rating Billy from Chicago, Illinois romeoville ill


Not in sink out of ..ouch y The train has left the stationtranesaved the night never saw that coming

2.0 star rating DNT from Detroit, Michigan


Detroit May 20th. Not what we expected. They seemed disconnected, and it felt like the Daryl Hall show with his musician jam session friends rather than sharing the spotlight with John Oates. The cameras and spotlight were literally on Hall and other band members more than John Oates, was like Oates was an afterthought. We were a little disappointed. Yes, long solos and and a lot of artistic license with some songs made for us ready for them to get to the next song, thinking "maybe this next one will be one on their greatest hits"? Train was awesome and saved the concert. Train was better and totally rocked out a version of Led Zeppelin's "Heart Breaker" and Tom Petty's "Free Fallin" as a pleasant surprise. Train made the show worthwhile. Train connected with the audience and fans while while H&O appeared to be going through the motions. At one time, Oates said something like "it's good to be back at "Pine Knob" with you Detroit". Which received Boo's from the crowd-WRONG VENUE!

2.0 star rating Alan from Denver, Colorado


Hall & Oates (H&O), we're not at their best last night in Denver. They did not play enough of their hits and when they did they strung them out or they had very long solo's and even longer solo's by their band mates, which I did not come for. To many new or songs on old albums that were clrearly not their best hits. At times Hall sang like he had been drinking. First time seeing Train, great. Denver is a great placid to go to concertsand this venue was up to par.good seats this particular concern is who you could bring parents to for H&O and kids to for Train. I wish I had know this was going to be a pre show at which I would have not gone as early and gone somewhere else to eat then at the venue which is overpriced and not great food

2.0 star rating Bummed Out in Bucks County from Bucks County, Pennsylvania


We had great seats in a day full of fantastic music at the Mann Center but were sorely disappointed by the main act. Hall and Oates clearly hate each other. They came on stage without even acknowledging each other and basically had separate performances. The lack of energy brought down the hall. We were so disappointed - we left early!

2.0 star rating Bobby from Philly from Philadelphia


I have never seen Hall & Oates live, but with all the hits we thought the show would be great. I was disappointed. Sound mix was off, feedback was heard regularly and Daryl Hall made no adjustment to recognize his voice is not what it use to be. Many of his contemporaries travel with complementary back up vocals and work as a team, with the backup singers taking the high notes. He did some weird vocal things. Squeeze was with Hall & Oates and completely upstaged Hall & Oates. They rocked!

2.0 star rating Tracy from Cincinnati, OH


Was lucky enough to score tickets in the 4th row and was excited to see Hall and Oates up close and personal. Huge disappointment. Hall has lost his voice. What the entire night sounded like was a poor Hall and Oates tribute band. Sound was terrible which looks like was a problem at other performances. Whatever the problem was it needs to be fixed and fixed fast. I don't understand? His voice is aged and shot and the back up vocals not much better. The entire tempo of their set was in slow motion. Got the vibe of a funeral. Yeah they played a lot of their hits but it was 8 musicians not performing together as well as the sound crew. Darryl multiple times was motioning for the sound guy to expand the sound. never happened. Darryl couldn't get the microphone to stay in place while on keyboards even after stage hand came out at least 2X's during the show. I think they should have apologized which was obviously to them and most of the people there a poor performance. Oh well.

2.0 star rating Bobby ! from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


opener Squeeze was great, the kick drum volume literally drowned out the whole band & ruined it. we were 11 row center. front of house guy should be fired becuase it was exactly the same for Hall & Oates. Also Daryl Hall was visibly & verbally annoyed the whole show at his monitor mix & his monitor guy. both bands played great though....

2.0 star rating Jacob from Denver, Colorado


The sound was awful!!!! Wouldn't waste your money. Spent 500 on two tickets sitting in row 4 and instantly you could tell it was going to be bad. Thankfully squeeze sounded amazing!!!!!

2.0 star rating Michael from Denver, Colorado


Squeeze were fantastic sounded great, hall and oats set had such bad feedback and sound we left after the 5th song.

2.0 star rating RC from Atlantic City, New Jersey


We went to their show in 2019 and it was great. Unfortunately Hall has lost his voice and can’t hit any highs. It was a bit embarrassing to be honest I felt bad for him. I understand that many artists can’t hit the high notes anymore as they age but their was simply no body to his voice at all. Very flat and off key. Time to retire. We did however still have a good time with the other fans. Don’t expect much of you see them.

2.0 star rating John scannell from Hartford, Connecticut


Been a fan of Hall and Oates since the 80s . I’ve seen hundreds of concerts. Both hall and Oates are talented, great band . Last night when I heard them we watched Daryl lose his temper on stage about sound . He was correct. Mics were squealing giving feedback . I’m a dj 25 years and I understand sound it was bad . Unfortunately it threw off his game and he was rarely singing on key he was talking the words and fans don’t pay for that . The concert at times seems like a jam session from Daryl’s house . John Oates did well he kept it together and the sax player was absolutely fantastic . The best duo of all time were a bit off the map this concert but I’m still a fan . I wish hall and Oates would spend more time together collaborating they are more successful together ! You met at a gang fight for a reason the stars were aligned focus on sticking together I’m still a big fan ! I would still see them again and I would still buy and listen to their songs ! We hope to see more music !

2.0 star rating Tony from Sacramento


My wife and I saw Hall & Oates in Reno/Sparks. The band was good but the vocals were very bad. Hall had a hard time holding a note and was basically talking the lyrics. I’m happy to say that I got to see them, but also disappointed because they sounded like bad karaoke night. They should also interact with the audience more. Maybe tell some stories about how they came up with some of their songs and lengthen their show. We came along way and paid a lot of money to see them for an hour and a half (maybe) show. Yes, I know they’re getting up there in age but I have seen other older artists and they have gone over two hours. .

1.0 star rating Amber from Wenatchee, Washington


For years, Hall & Oates has been on top of "must-see" list and had been looking forward to Seattle show for months. Train was awesome and first gal forgettable (even though she reminded us of her name every few moments while her name was on screen). H&O's vocal sound was just horrible and as last show, you think they would have worked out those kinks by then!

1.0 star rating from Portland, Oregon


Don't they read reviews? Most other venues complained of muddy sound, too much bass and percussion, too loud and distorted. Same in Portland last night. It was the Daryl Hall show with little presence by Oates. Often couldn't figure out what the song was. Expected better. Pat Monahan was great fun and even saved H&O with his voice in their set. While Train's sound was a bit better than H&O, it could of been improved. Same for Kandace Springs. The Moda Center is awful for sound. The Eagles had it dialed in much bettter with a lower volume and less distortion and echo. Please clue in future artists.

1.0 star rating Rolf from San Diego, California


Sound mixing was terrible. Bass over shadowed everything. Train was good but that's not who we went to see.

1.0 star rating Bill M from Los Angeles, California


Their sound mixers failed. Music too loud and distorted. Could not hear and understand the singing. Was not worth the visit

1.0 star rating Amanda from Los Angeles, California


Hates it..walked out..many. People did too...Train was wonderful..great performers.

1.0 star rating Kent from Kansas City, Missouri


I should have learned and taken heed of all the reviews I saw prior to the KC concert. Train nailed it !!!! Crisp, clean and fantastic interaction with the crowd ! Not piling on, but Hall & Oates need to hang it'd think with all the negative reviews, they'd "fix" whatever was wrong, but then again, they probably don't read the reviews (time to start boys....). As with others, the sound mix between the 2 bands was night and day. Couple that with H&O turning old 3-4 minute classics into 7-8 minute overtures and we left before the encore.......time to retire......

1.0 star rating CaraZ from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Train gave a better show last night than Hall & Oates. Admittedly, H&O can still sing and play. They are legends! But the devil can be in the sound engineering. Hall brought along his stellar musicians and singers from “Daryl’s House of Blues” TV show. The Hall of Fame duo is still great, make no mistake about it, but unfortunately the sound engineering for their portion of the concert was nothing short of horrible. Digitized to the max, tinny sounds, volume distortion, and extreme echoes ruined the classic sound of H&O. It was so loud the music was completely distorted and the jumble of instruments tramped all over Hall’s sweet vocals.Understanding words and hearing instrument solos was near impossible. The songs dragged on too long too. You found yourself hoping that they would move on to another classic instead of just playing one song to death. Train, however, stole the show and was nothing short of fantastic. Patrick Monahan, lead singer for Train, sang is a— off while taking selfies with the crowd, signing Penguins shirts for fans, and tossing large beach balls into the crowd for fun. My husband, who has heard Train on the radio, was not a true fan until last night. He was amazed at how terrific and tight the band was live. I have seen H&O many times in the past. I was truly disappointed in how the sound engineering ruined what could have been a really great concert.

1.0 star rating Ken from Hamilton, Ontario


WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! i have been a fan for 45 years and it was my first time going to a Hall & Oats concert. i left after 6 songs as i was sick of hearing their classic's just not sounding right. The sound mix was really bad, as TRAIN was very clear, so someone wasn't on their game. I came to hear their classics not a Jam Session! I realize their in their 70's, so i wasn't expecting the good old days. However, this was something that i could not sit through after listening to their music all my life. Extremely Disappointed!

1.0 star rating Steve M from Boston, Massachusetts


I was so impressed with Train. The sound, voices and tightness were spot on. Then H&O entered the scene. What the heck happended? I know I am old but the sound quality didn't change in 30 minutes. They were out of sync, the percussions and guitars over powered their flat voices. What a shame. Time to retire. Highlight; Charles DeChant (sax), Mr Casual, was awesome.

1.0 star rating Lizard from Toronto, Ontario


Our 1st date was H&O at Kingswood/Wonderland (Toronto, Canada), July '83. Awesome! I surprised my wive (of 33 years) w/ tickets to last night's ACC (Toronto, Canada) concert. Only 1/2 full venue. Kinda tells you something.TERRIBLE! 3x feedback on mics! They can't sing anymore!!!! Sound sucked. OK, it's a hockey rink. Warm up band Train was much better entertainers. I'm tired of the gouging! Retire guys! No good for even the casino circuit. Stay home, & play their old LP's/CD's/DVD's. Daryl: get a (good) haircut!

1.0 star rating Jack and wendy Woodstock from Toronto, Ontario


Best -Train amazing Worst -Hall and Oates - we were huge fans but after this performance never again/ drinking and performing don't mix GO Train

1.0 star rating Anthony X from Detroit, Michigan


SECOND WORST CONCERT EVER. First one was Three Dog Night 1976 Pine Knob - Couldn't remember any words and the second worst was last night. Horrible sound, Hall paid more attention to his hair and waiving hands than his band. John Oats and his singing. We have seen them before and they were good but this will be my last time. SOMETHING is not right.

1.0 star rating Sam Brown from Laguna Hills California


Hall and Oates were a favorite in their prime but Daryl Hall cant sing any more. ....the drugs don't help. was a Train wreck performance. Sorry...Fortunately Train saved the Honda Center...the Led Zeppellin Heartbreaker cover was perfect. That's what I will remember...not H& sad.

1.0 star rating Denise from Denver, Colorado


Daryl Hall sound really bad, appeared that he couldn't remember the words to his songs, looked as though he was tweaking and tried pulling something political but couldn't make sense of what exactly he was trying to say. John Oates was awesome and Trail was amazing.

1.0 star rating Middle Aged Rose from New York, New York


Despite not being a fan of alternative music, Squeeze stole the show and spot on. Huge fan of Hall and Oates, thus the reason for going, and their sound and demeanor were way off. We hardly understood Daryl when speaking, live center video off speed, and it was painful to observe a group of talented musicians not into the crowd (except for sax, drums, percussion but even they did not seemed thrilled to perform) and just going through the motions. (The crowd even reflected their lackluster performance.) It was blatantly obvious they didn't want to be there (or even like each other) and what was with the poorly executed extended songs? (It was like a run on sentence!) I get you want to change it up after singing the songs for decades, but we wanted to hear the originals (or even close to it) and at $300 (plus $60 parking, the commute, and cost of dinner) we had to leave after Sara so the taste in our mouth didn't become disdain. We hoped it would get better and had to bow out, which we've never done. Not cool to disappoint the tri-state and the negative buzz is out there. They didn't even capture the younger crowd to solidify them. Please, do yourselves and us a favor and stop touring as you don't exude the love for your craft nor your faithful fans. I'd rather my lasting memories be of the passionate group we saw in the 80's, not the ones observed last night. Sorry, as it pains us to pan them. How disappointing.

1.0 star rating Karl from New York, New York


This is for the Madison Square, Garden show on February 28, 2020. Not sure if the soundman had hearing aids or not but the sound was absolutely horrible. Bass was Way out of proportion to the rest of the band. You could hardly hear Daryl Hall sing nor understand the lyrics, the overall performance was excellent, it was good to see the band back together again. Got to do something with the sound guy before I see them again. Squeeze came on second and they sounded excellent and there performance was outstanding.

1.0 star rating Mike K from Jones Beach, New York


A disappointment! The sound was off, Halls voice was not very good, he spent most of the night trying to get the sound crew to get the sound and voice right. They cut the shoe short,they knew they did not sound good. Mr. Hall, Replay this show! Your fans deserve it!!!

1.0 star rating Tim Simpson from Indianapolis, Indiana


See the previous review from California concert. The sound was absolutely the worst. Many songs droned on endlessly. A total disappointment.

1.0 star rating A Disappointed Fan from Detroit, Michigan


Daryl Hall should retire, his voice is gone. There must be a rift between the two because there wasn't any interaction. The music was too loud, they didn't play many of their hits and that's what we came to hear. With the encore they played 11 songs!! Most of the songs ended up with a jam session in the middle of the tune. Save yourself the dough. Stay home and listen to them on your lounge chair.

1.0 star rating Tab from Denver, Colorado


I saw them in the height of their career and had metered my expectations since its been 35+ years. I have been to a number of concerts and this was the worst sound I have ever experienced. It was like having cotton balls in your ears and everything dulled. Granted the vocals aren't as crisp as they once were but they are old and might be expected. Its always heart breaking when you see a favorite and they cant sing to tempo anymore as this was the case. Putting all that aside the sound man needs to change careers. After reading other review of previous shows in the past few years they all say the same thing, Either H&O hangs it up or they get a new sound man, this was awful, painful and made my heart cry. One of my teenage favorites butchered into oblivion. I am shedding a tear now thinking about it. LOL

1.0 star rating Tim Webster from Indianapolis, Indiana


The recent concert at Ruoff Center with Hall and Oates/Squeeze was the worst event I’ve ever attended. With over 200 concerts attended over the past 30 years, this was by far the most disappointing. The sound was horrible. Whether this was the fault of Ruoff or the bands, it is nonetheless inexcusable. The lyrics were nearly unrecognizable and the music so muddled that it was annoying at best. We left as the band came back for its encore along with hundreds of other concert goers. We’ve never seen a early mass exodus like that at another concert. At $150/ticket it was complete waste of money.

1.0 star rating Chuck pierce from fantasy springs


worst concert ever

1.0 star rating from Mohegan Sun


Our biggest waste of $250+ dollars for a concert of less than 1.5 hours. The band overplayed the bad performance of Hall while Oats just played on. The sound was off keyed and it was hard to recognize what songs were being played. It is time for the group to stop playing! They are an embarrassment. When you are given a bad meal you can get some reimbursement but when you pay for a god-awful concert the only thing you can do is walk out like so many of us did. DO NOT waste you time and money if you plan on going to a H&O concert.

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